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CPD Associates

Would You Like to Become A CPD Faculty, Administrator, or Staff Associate?

Faculty/Administrator CPD Associates Must:

  1. Complete the CPD certification course.
  2. Complete and assess a deliberation intervention in one of their courses and/or participate as an active advisor for CPD in some other capacity.
  3. Agree to continue to implement deliberation interventions in their courses once a year and submit an assessment report and/or serve as an advisor for CPD in a different capacity for the year.

Staff/Administrator CPD Associates Must:

  1. Complete the CPD certification course.
  2. Staff/Administrators must commit to one of the following each year:
    • Attend one deliberation event sponsored by CPD.
    • Organize your own deliberation with community partners and/or staff and other UHD stakeholders.
    • Submit and have approved a project or initiative that incorporates CPD’s work.
    • For a subcommittee of the staff council and report out to them about the activities of CPD
  3. Agree to submit an annual assessment report that describes their CPD activities and the results of their work.

CPD Faculty and Staff Associates

​Jon Aoki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Science Education and Biology



​Pam Auburn, Ph.D.
Adjunct Lecturer Social Sciences



​​Ashley Archiopoli, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies



​Caroline Ashe, Ph.D.
Professor of Management, Marketing & Business Administration, Director of Institute for Business, Ethics, & Public Issues



​Susan Beane, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Mathematics & Statistics



​Ron Beebe, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair of Urban Education


​​​ ​713-221-8689

Houston Brown, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Chemistry



​Jonathan Chism, Ph.D.
Lecturer, History



​Paul Fortunato, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English



​Poonam Gulati, Ph.D.
Director, Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) and Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL), Associate Professor, Microbiology & Biology



​Jerry Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant VP, Research and Sponsored Programs



Felicia Harris, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Communication Studies



​Elizabeth Hatfield, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Communication Studies



​Sujata Krishna, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Natural Sciences



​Lloyd Matzner
Assistant Director of Technology Learning Services



Windy Lawrence, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Director of Center for Public Deliberation



​Lisa Morano, Ph.D.
Professor, Natural Sciences



​Vida Robertson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Director for Center for Critical Race Studies



Beth Secor
Lecturer, Arts & Communication



​Jerome Socolof, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Art

​ ​N1076


​​Kristi Turnquest
Assistant Director, Community Engagement and Service Learning Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)



​Akif Uzman, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Science & Technology



Alexander Wathen, J.D., M.S., M.A.
Adjunct Professor, Political Science



​Jace Valcore, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice



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