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Photograph of Dr. Windy Lawrence Windy Y. Lawrence, Ph.D.
Director of Center for Public Deliberation
Associate Professor

Windy Y. Lawrence, Ph.D., is the Founder and Director of The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) Center for Public Deliberation. She has managed many projects at UHD CPD, including initiatives around college success and the rising cost of health care. She is active with various national organizations, including The Democracy Imperative, The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, and the National Issues Forums Institute, to help improve our knowledge and practice of deliberative democracy and has earned a certification in dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement through Fielding University.

Since 2002, she has worked with the university to form more collaborative relationships in the Houston community through research, student internships, and community outreach. She is published in various journals and has won multiple awards for her research, which examines the intersection of communication, democracy and social justice, especially on issues of diversity. At UHD, she works as an Associate Professor of Communication Studies where she teaches and researches in communication, politics, and deliberation.

Sujata Krishnas
Sujata Krishna

Assistant Director for Center for Public Deliberation

I grew up in India fascinated by the Universe and decided to study Physics. I was lucky to obtain a scholarship to Oxford University, where I read for my PhD degree by doing experimental and computer simulation work in Materials Science. After that I worked at University Edinburgh, Cambridge University, Leeds and Staffordshire Universities prior to arriving in Houston, TX. Here I worked at Rice University and was teaching Math as an adjunct at UHD prior to becoming full-time faculty at UHD in Physics.

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