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Student Success

UHD Is Committed  to SUCCESS!

photo of students throwing graduation caps into the air above


  • Retention
  • Graduation Rates
  • High Impact Practices
  • Career and Advising services
  • Honors Program






Student Success Goals

Advise, retain, and educate increasing number of students who meet the workforce needs of the region and state.


Develop the processes, programs, and facilities that support the institution's intent to provide a superior student-centered learning environment and quality experiences.


​​U​HD Student Success​2007​2013​2014​2015​2016​2017​2018Target 2020
​Transfer Retention Rate (First year)​75.56%​73.73%​76.97%​77.84% 76.87%​77.24%​78.69%​85%
​Transfer Graduation Rate (4 year)​64.10%​58.35%​59.44%57.19%​ 56.65%​​60.86%​65.14%​70%
​FTIC Retention Rate (1 year)​56.00%​63.09%​65.74%​66.41% 66.08%​72.26%​71.38%​75%
​FTIC Graduation Rate (6 year)​15.42% (134)​14.08% (117)​9.17% 
​13.30% (96) 15.9% (131)​20.76% (191)
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    Report note: Click on the most recent year's Retention and Graduation rates report. 

    Report note: This report is based on a report provided by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) that joins new graduates with their earnings in the last quarter of the calendar year. 


    ​​Student Achievement Measure

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