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Crossroads Training FAQ

What is Crossroads?

Crossroads (formerly known as Salutations) is the University of Houston System's ("UHS") sexual misconduct prevention and awareness training program for students. The goal of Salutations is to make students aware of concepts commonly associated with sexual misconduct. To complete the Crossroads training, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to UHD TAP Student Training Portal
  2. Enter your UHD Username login credentials
  3. Select the Student Training icon
  4. Select the View Courses link
  5. Select the Crossroads link to watch the video
  6. Complete the quiz at the end


Who is required to complete the training?

As a part of Texas (HB699) and federal mandate (Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Campus SaVE Act), all new students, including graduate and transfer, are required to be trained on sexual misconduct. These laws have mandated that universities provide students with the critical safety information that is provided in the training.

How long will it take for students to complete the training?

It should take about 45 minutes to an hour, but it may take some students longer.

Do students have to finish the training in one sitting?

No, a student can pause the training and go back to the place where they left off when they are ready. So long as they complete the training by March 31, there is no penalty for pausing the training.

What if the student doesn't pass on the first try?

The hold will remain active until the student completes the training and scores an 80% passing score.

What score is needed to remove the hold?

In order to complete the training, students will need to get 8 out of the 10 questions correct (80%) on the final quiz at the end of the training. The grade will not be noted in the student's academic record and the student will not receive credit hours for completing it.

How long does it take for the hold to be removed?

The hold will be removed within one hour of training completion with a score of 80% or higher.

Does the student have to take the quiz twice to be eligible to register for summer and fall?

Students are only required to complete the training one time.

What happens if a student does not complete the training?

Failure to complete the training by the due date will result in a hold being placed on the student's enrollment for the following semester – meaning a student will not be able to register for classes next semester until they complete the training.