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Sustainability Council Membership

Eddie Arias is the Director of Environmental Health and Safety. My role is to lead the EHS program in preventing any harm from occurring to occupants, water, and land by following safe practices. This also includes review of restoration/upkeep projects of infrastructure and mechanical systems of the buildings. One aspect of sustainability that I am feel passionate about has been recycling of hazardous waste materials. 

Dr. Houston Brown has a PhD in chemistry from Michigan State University, with a BS in Chemistry from UCLA. We worked in industry for over 30 years. For the last 13 years, he has taught Chemistry at UHD. He feels that sustainability will be embraced by all when the world realizes that carbon was meant to sustain life, not contribute to its demise. 

Dr. Anita Chadha is an associate professor of political science in the department of social science. Her passion for sustainability center on our memorial park conservancy here in Houston. The conservancy have meticulously curated a native prairie that includes 2,500 acres includes 900 acres of Texas tallgrass coastal prairie to create an endangered ecosystem in Houston. 

Dr. Mahmud Hasan is an Assistant Professor teaching engineering and safety management courses in the Computer Science and Engineering Technology (CSET) Department. By profession I am a mechanical and structural engineer. He is passionate about Energy Conservation and Recycling.  

Dr. Katharine Jager is Professor of English at UHD. Her service-learning ENG 1302 core course, "The Ethics of Eating," has paired UHD student volunteers with permaculture community gardens. In spring 2022, her students helped build a rainwater harvesting system for the Avenue Place Community Garden and Orchard.  

Dr. Tonya Jeffery is an Assistant Professor of Science Education, Equity, and Social Justice in the Department of Urban Education. As a humane educator, my mission is to: (a) Raise awareness and educate individuals and communities about environmental justice, animal protections, human rights, and racial justice, particularly in communities that are underserved or marginalized; (b) Promote environmental stewardship and sustainability; and (c) Empower people to become active changemakers, so they have agency in local and global issues. 

Dr. Lisa Morano is a Professor of Biology and Microbiology and the Director of the UHD Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability. She teaches biology and sustainability courses. She is passionate about creating experiential learning opportunities for students so that they may gain the knowledge and skills needed to create more sustainable environments. 

Natacha Poggio, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX Fulbright U.S. Scholar, specialized in communication design for environmental issues.

Steven M. Selzer is currently serving as the Program Director of the City of Houston’s Green Building Resource Center with the responsibility to educate the public about green building both virtually on, and at the 3000 sf center in the Houston Permitting Center.  He is passionate about conveying sustainable thinking to the public. 

Monica Villarreal is a Coordinator, Web and Publications for Student Success and Student Life. She is also a mother, interdisciplinary artist, organizer, and Danze Azteca dancer. She is the founder of multiple grassroots local organizations Creative Women Unite, Danza Azteca Taxcayolotl, and Xochipilli Collective.