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The university offers UHD students, employees and alumni the UHD ID card.   The UHD ID card is the official identification card of the university and it is issued to provide access to facilities and services such as the university library, the computer labs and to Sports & Fitness.

The first UHD ID card is free for students and employees.  A replacement ID card is $10.  The UHD ID card is $10 for alumni.  The UHD ID card is available at the Wellcome and Success Center during its normal hours of operation.

What do you need to get a UHD ID card?

1. Go to the Wellness and Success Center. 
2. An official government issued photo ID must be presented prior to obtaining a UHD ID card.
3. The status of the student or employee must indicate as current or active according to the official university records.
4. The status of the alumnus must indicate that the individual is a graduate of UHD according to the official university records.

The UHD ID card is non-transferable.  Misuse of the card may result in disciplinary action by the university.  Lost, stolen or damaged cards should be reported to Sports and Fitness immediately.

Gator Card Mobile Upload
(not available for alumni)

1. Complete online photo submission

To apply for your Gator Card, first complete the online photo submission at  Please allow 24-48 business hours for your photo to be reviewed. Once your online request is reviewed you will receive a confirmation email indicating that your photo has been approved or denied.

2. Pick up your Gator Card

Once your online photo submission is approved and you receive an email informing you that your card is ready for pick up, please pick up your card at the Wellness & Success Center Member Services Counter. 

3. Digital Gator Card 

Once your online photo submission is approved you then have the option to have an digital Gator Card on your mobile device. 

Please note that we do not mail out Gator Cards, this is to ensure the integrity of our program and to protect our students, faculty and staff. You must bring a valid government issued photo identification prior to receiving your physical Gator Card. Acceptable forms of a valid government issued photo identification include: US or Foreign Passport/Visa, US driver's License, US State or Federal issued ID, US Military Card or Permanent Resident Card.

If you plan to use the digital Gator Card, please download the following app from your Apple or Android store.  You will receive an email notification once your photo is approved.

app store icongoogle play icon

4. Report your Gator Card Lost/Stolen

To report your card lost/stolen, log into the Gator Card Web Portal and use the Lost/Stolen Card option that can be found under the Account Management button on the left. Once your card has been reported, you can get a new card by visiting the Wellness & Success Center. Replacement cards are $10.