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Sports and Fitness Memberships Monthly Price 6-Month 12-Month Eligible for IM/Club Sports?  %
Student* (UHD) N/A N/A N/A Yes
Employee** (UHD Faculty / Staff) $33** $198 $396 Yes
Alumni (UHD Graduate) $33 $198 $396 Yes
Friend/Family (UHD affiliate, maximum 2 per membership) $33 $198 $396 No
Minors 16-17 (of a UHD Sports and Fitness member) $33 N/A N/A No
Minors 5-15 (of a UHD Sports and Fitness member) $15 N/A N/A No
Community (Non-UHD affiliation) $50 $250 $500 No
Non-Peak*** $20*** $120*** $240*** See below #

Prices are effective 1/20/2023

* Fee is already included as part of student fees.   Additional fees may be required for optional services and programs.
** Can prepay for 6 or 12-month or opt for automatic monthly payroll deduction.
*** Non-Peak Membership is only available for non-peak times and weekends (Monday-Friday 6am-8am and after 5pm, Sat and Sun all day).
#  Only UHD Employees and Alums are eligible for intramural sports for an additional fee.
%  Intramural Sports and Club Sports normally require additional fees.  Only currently enrolled students are eligible for club sports.

Sports and Fitness Membership Fee Menu.pdf

UHD Sports and Fitness Membership Application