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Protocols for all Students with Monkeypox Diagnosis/Symptoms

If a student has been exposed to, tested positive for Monkeypox, or is exhibiting symptoms (e.g., rash, bumps, blisters, fever, headache swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, backaches) of Monkeypox, the following steps should be taken:

  • Email Krystil Ravenell – or call UHD Health Services at 713-221-8137
  • Contact your PCP provider and coordinate a treatment plan
  • If you think you might have Monkeypox due to the presence of Monkeypox Symptoms, follow CDC guidance regarding when to isolate and get tested.
  • If you test Negative for Monkeypox, you can end your isolation and return to campus.
  • If you have tested Positive for Monkepox (regardless of whether you have symptoms or not):
    • If on campus when symptoms begin or when you suspect or learn of a diagnosis of Monkeypox, go home immediately and avoid coming into close contact with anyone.
    • Quarantine – CDC recommends that individuals quarantine for 2-4 weeks or until all symptoms and lesions are completely healed.
    • Notify your professor(s) that you have tested Positive and cannot return to campus during your isolation period and coordinate your academic issues directly with your professor(s).
    • Student workers should notify their supervisor(s) when they test Positive.
    • Contact your health care provider as necessary and follow their medical advice.
    • Stay home during your isolation period except to seek medical care.
    • Follow CDC guidance related to isolation and treatments.
    • If your illness impacts your ability to perform schoolwork, contact your instructors.

Update Your Contact Information

To keep apprised of the most current Monkeypox-related information, ensure your emergency contact information is up-to-date using the instructions provided by Emergency Management.

For any questions or concerns contact Krystil Ravenell at or 713-221-8137

Monkey Pox FAQ