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DACA Rescind Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Disclaimer: These FAQs are meant for informational purposes only, and are not provided for the purpose of addressing individual situations. The FAQs are not meant to be considered specific legal advice, which can only be given by lawyers to their clients. You should contact your own attorney or a legal clinic if you need guidance about a specific legal question.
For more thorough information regarding the specifics of the DACA Rescission, see the 
  1. If I am a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) student, does rescinding DACA allow me to continue to attend UHD and obtain my degree?

    Answer:  First and foremost, please be aware that UHD does not check citizenship status when a student enrolls at the University. Secondly, the Attorney General’s ruling does not affect the expiration date of current documents that grant individuals legal status under DACA, and all properly filed pending DACA renewal requests will be considered by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Finally, DACA students should consult an immigration lawyer or clinic in relation to their situation. Students from any of the UHS campuses may contact the UH Immigration Clinic at (713) 743-2094 for a free intake consultation. Be sure to indicate you are a student with the UH System and ask for an intake consultation.

  2. Since my personal information is in the governmental system, how can I be assured that my house will not get raided?

    Answer:  While UHD cannot guarantee how any governmental agency will proceed in a specific instance, the US Department of Homeland Security has indicated on its Frequently Asked Questions page that information provided to UHCIS in DACA requests will not be proactively provided to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

  3. Where can students who are affected by this determination find support on campus?


    a)  The University of Houston Law Center’s Immigration Clinic is available to UH students from any campus who need a free intake consultation. Appointments can be scheduled by calling the clinic main number at (713) 743-2094. Be sure to indicate you are a student with the UH System and ask for an intake consultation.

    b)  UHD Student Counseling Services are available to support you. To see a counselor in person, the UHD Student Counseling Services Office is open M-TR (8:00AM-5:00PM), and Friday (7:30AM-4:30PM), you can access our office hours online at The on call counselor is available 24/7 via phone # 713-500-3852. Please ask to speak with the on call counselor & they will transfer you. We can help you with your immediate concerns in regards to DACA and provide local resource information & connect you to the appropriate support services.

  4. If DACA is permanently rescinded/eliminated how would I obtain work in the country and in my field? Is obtaining my degree worthwhile?

    Answer:  Obtaining a work permit – and finding a job in any field – is an issue which is fact dependent on each individual’s situation.  However, a University of Houston-Downtown degree is an indication of the education that a student has received, which maintains its value throughout your life.

  5. Does rescinding DACA affect my status as a student receiving in-state tuition?

    Answer:  No.  UHD will continue to provide in-state tuition for Texas DREAMers that qualify which is essentially based on one’s residency status.  As a public university, UHD opens its doors to all individuals, and accepts for admission those students who meet the academic qualifications.  Indeed, diversity is one of the cornerstones of a UHD education.  As part of that foundation, UHD embraces and encourages DACA students and provides opportunities that have been and remain available under state law. 

  6. Should faculty or administrative staff inquire about a student’s immigration status?

    Answer:  Generally, no.  The very limited exception to this inquiry is if the faculty or administrative staff member works in a capacity to assist DACA students or otherwise assist with immigration questions and the student asks for information or assistance. 

  7. Who do I contact if I feel my rights are being violated on campus?

    Answer:  If you are concerned that your rights are being violated, you can file a report with the UH System Office of Equal Opportunity Services (EOS), which processes and investigates all complaints regarding protected classes and Title IX protocols.  
    To inquire or file a complaint, please contact EOS; email:; phone 713-743-8835; website:, or with Lauri S. Ruiz, Interim Title IX/Equal Opportunity Officer,, 713-221-5771.
Additionally, you can file a report with the Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline by logging on to, or calling 1-800-461-9330 to make a report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The call center supports more than 300+ languages.