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Retention and Graduation Dashboard

This dashboard is best viewed on desktop or laptop devices. Scroll down to sign in to view.

Description: This dashboard displays the official retention rates (one year, two year, three year) and graduation rates (four year, five year, and six year) for the fall full-time First time in college (FTIC) student cohorts.   Users can break down these rates by gender, race / ethnicity, and/or Pell recipient status (first fall semester).

Refresh Schedule: Annually, October/November.

Data Sources: Cohort and enrollment data is from official state reporting for the term; degree attainment is from the student information system at the time of annual reporting.

Notes: These graphs are best read vertically – each cohort (entry year) is listed at the bottom of the graph, and their rates are shown with each data point above/below the other. The different colors represent the different time periods of retention/graduation (legend is included within each graph).  It is not a linear graph over time.  

The tables at the bottom show the numbers behind the graph (left table); and the percentages displayed in the graph (right table)

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