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Course Comparison Dashboard

This dashboard is best viewed on desktop or laptop devices. Scroll down to sign in to view.

Description: Summaries of comparative Course data.

Refresh Schedule: Once a day, all data elements in this dashboard are from snapshots taken at 2 am.

Data Sources: PeopleSoft data loaded into UHD data warehouse to display in Power BI.

Notes: The comparisons are based on the same number of days before the term starts - how many days before the term is displayed as the "Index" near the top of the dashboard (negative is before the term starts; 0 is the first day of classes; positive is days after the term started). The prior year's comparative data is as of the same point in time relative to the start of the semester. If that date is not available, the closest index is selected for comparison.

Scheduled Reports: Data from this dashboard is sent via email to selected recipients during registration periods. If you would like to be added to this recipient list, please contact

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