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Nov. 17, 2022 - Canvas Sandbox and Other Updates on LMS!

Dear Colleagues,

It's here! Every faculty member now has access to our new Canvas Learning Management System using regular login information.

This online newsletter prepared by the TTLC with input from the LMS Pedagogy team provides excellent information about resources you'll find in the sandbox, what resources we have available, when the migration will happen, and what you can do now. Please review the newsletter content prior to logging in. The login can be found at this Canvas launch page.

A few quick highlights:

  • You'll see 4 items when you log in—two training options, a best practices resource, and an unpublished shell that you can build out (and can request additional ones).
  • The only sections being taught in Canvas in Spring 2023 are those that have already been approved for the pilot. All other courses must be taught in BB.
  • We are working to identify some common elements that we will recommend for all courses across all modalities as we move forward with the full launch intended for Spring 2024 as well as common trainings for all faculty.
  • We are not migrating BB content into Canvas until mid-to-late spring semester. Until the migration, you are welcome to move your own materials from BB into your sandbox(es) as you need them. The TTLC staff will support the larger migration for all faculty in the spring but for the next few weeks, the TTLC team will be prioritizing Canvas support for Pilot faculty. As always, general technical assistance for BB or Canvas is available at (new email!).

Watch for more information about trainings and resources for spring!