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One Button Studio

​​​​One Button Studio​


​​What is the One Button Studio?​​

The One Button Studio (OBS) is a video recording space that can be used to create video projects or practice class presentations. The Stu​dio is designed for ease of use, especially if you have no previous video production experience. 

The OBS is open to UHD Faculty, Staff and Students for use. It can be reserved through our Library Study Room page for a maximum time of 1 hour per session with the option to renew for an additional 30 minutes if needed. This room is not for group study or Zoom meetings. It is specifically for recording video. ​

Record a Video​

​Recording​​​ Video​​​​

​What To Know

  • ​Insert USB for saving video in the slot "Recording USB Drive Here". This activates the lights and microphone for the OBS.

  • If using a presen​​tation, insert USB with presentation in slot "Load Presentation Here". 

  • On the left monitor, select Finder and select your USB to open presentation.

  • Once ready to record, start recording by pressing the floor button. Press it again to stop and save the recording. 

  • Eject USBs when finished putting the OBS in Standby Mode.  

  • ​ You need at least 1 USB in order to use the OBS to save your recording.

  • If you are recording with  a presentation, you will need two USBs: one for recording and one with your PowerPoint.

  • Access to the internet through the terminal is restricted.

  • ​If using a USB clicker, it will be inserted into the "Load Presentation Here" slot.​ This can be checked out at the Information Desk. ​

  • 1 GB is roughly an 8 minute recording. ​

Frequently Asked Questions​

Who can I contact for technical assistanc​e with this studio?​​​​
You can contact the Library Information Desk at 713-221-8187 with any tech questions regarding the OBS. 

For how long can I reserve the studio?​
You can reserve the studio for an hour with the option to renew for an additional 30 minutes if available. 

What do I need to bring?
Bring a USB drive (preferably a USB3) with plenty of free space to save your video(s). After recording, your video(s) will be saved on your USB drive. If you are using a slide presentation, you will want to bring a second USB drive with it saved. 

What will be the format of my video recording?
​​The One Button Studio saves recordings in MP4 format, which can be modified in video editing software or uploaded to websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

How do I edit my video?
You can edit your video using the default video editing software such as Video Editor (Windows) or iMovie (Mac). The following is a list of video editing software suggestions that can be useful:​

Who can use the One Button Studio?​​
The OBS is available to UHD students, staff, and faculty for use! 

Last updated 10/22/2021 8:06 AM