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Verification of Employment - Employee Process Guide


The University of Houston System has partnered with The Work Number to provide verbal employment verifications.

Step 1

Employee requests Verifier to call The Work Number at 800-367-5690

Step 2

Verifier provides The Work Number with Employer Code 17781 and employee's social security number

Step 3

The Work Number verifies employee's UHD employment

Verbal employment verifications include Employee name, Most recent hire date, Termination date (if no longer employed), Total time with university, and Job title.

HR Records may also be contacted for verbal verifications of employment.


Step 1

Employee emails HR Records,, to request written employment verification

Step 2

HR Records prepares employment verification or completes employment verification provided by Employee

Step 3

HR Records sends employment verification to Employee or Requestor provided by Employee within 2-4 business days

Written employment verifications also include Rate of pay, Gross earnings for current year-to-date, and Gross earnings for last three years.