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Retention and Graduation Taskforce Committee


Retention and Graduation Taskforce Committee


9/4/2015 Meeting Minutes

10/2/2015 Meeting Agenda

10/2/2015 Meeting Minutes

10/23/2015 Meeting Agenda

10/23/2015 Meeting Minutes

11/6/2015 Meeting Agenda



Name Role Representation
Lisa Morano Chair Faculty Member, Sciences and Technology
Liza Alonzo Member Executive Director, Presidential Affairs and Operations
Carolyn Ashe Member Faculty Member, Business
Ronald Beebe Member Department Chair, Urban Education
Chris Birchak Member Dean, University College
Katrina Borders Member Program Director, Title V Student Success
Chris Cheatham Member Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management
Carmen Cuevas Member Assistant Dean, Business
Ermelinda Delavina Member Associate Dean, Sciences and Technology
Gregory Dement Member Director, Teaching and Learning Excellence
Louis Evans Chair Executive Director, Off Campus Locations and Online Coordination
RaShonda Flint Member Assistant Dean, Sciences and Technology
Isidro Grau Member Director, Academic Support Center
Gary Greer Member Assistant Dean, Advising and Mentoring Center
Poonam Gulati Member Interim Director, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning
Susan Henney Member Faculty Member, Humanities & Social Sciences
Edward Hugetz Member Interim Provost
Faiza Khoja Member Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
Tomikia LeGrande Member Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
Souraya Mitri Member Senior Research Associate, Institutional Effectiveness
Kwame Opuni Member Director, Grant Writing and Assessment
Bill Pogue Member Faculty Member, Humanities & Social Sciences
Paulette Purdy Member Director, Business Operations, Presidential Events, and Compliance
Timothy Redl Member Faculty Member, Sciences & Technology
David Ryden Member Associate Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
Jemma Sylvester-Caesar Member Director, Advising Center
Tommy Thomason Member Student Conduct Officer Title IX Coordinator
William Waller Member Associate Dean, University College
Laura Weseley Member Director, Career Services