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Art Institute Student Transfer to UHD

Art Institute Students

With the recent closure of the Art Institute, the University of Houston-Downtown is committed to helping affected students continue their academic journey toward earning a bachelor’s degree. We understand that you may be overwhelmed and concerned with this recent decision, but know UHD has a team in place to help provide you a smooth transition so your studies are not impacted long-term.

UHD is a dynamic university located right in the heart of downtown Houston. Offering 45 high-quality academic degrees, our graduates are prepared for immediate entry into the workplace. No matter where you are in your academic journey, you can expect an environment that welcomes and embraces students from all backgrounds.

Transfer Credit

UHD accepts credits from regionally accredited institutions. Evaluations of transfer work are made in the Office of Admissions. The application of transfer credit toward a degree at UHD cannot be determined until the transcript has been evaluated and a degree plan has been processed. Course appeals are handled by the College.
The evaluations of international transfer credits are processed by the Office of Admissions, once all required documents are submitted (complete transcripts, syllabus/catalog) during the first enrolled semester. The application of transfer credit toward a degree at UHD cannot be determined until the transcripts have been evaluated and degree plan has been processed. If you attended a college or university outside of the United States, your transcripts must be evaluated by a credential evaluation service recognized by UHD prior to applying for admission to the university. UHD only accepts in depth evaluations sometimes called “Full Evaluations” or “Divisional Course Analysis Evaluations”.
Divisional Course Analysis builds on the course analysis evaluation of foreign credentials by providing a statement of equivalency to U.S. education with a more rigorous course analysis section. It contains course analysis listing subjects in transcript order including grades, credits and GPA expressed in their corresponding equivalency to the U.S. educational system. It also shows lower and upper-division, and graduate level designations. This evaluation of credentials is available only for post-secondary education. If you are not sure about the type of evaluation needed, please contact the UHD Office of Admissions before selecting a service or evaluation type.
Remedial and developmental courses are not used in calculating the grade point average. When applicable, plus and minus grades are transferred as the letter grade (e.g. “C-” will transfer as “C”; “B+” will transfer as “B”).

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at 713-221-8522, or contact an Admissions Counselor.

It's all waiting for you at UHD, Houston’s only downtown university!