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Special Events


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    Open Flames Permit for Special Events (Contact EHS Office at 713-221-8040)



Special events, meetings, conferences, training sessions and other occasions bring about the gathering of people for information, education, celebration, fun and food.   Each event involves a multitude of details, some of which carry the potential of presenting safety hazards that range from incorrect food temperatures to blocking an emergency exit.  These unintentional hazards can escalate into an immediate danger or an after-the-occasion illness for individuals attending the event.   

These guidelines were developed to ensure the purpose of the gathering is completed in a manner that promotes fire, life and food safety.   It provides event planners with practical suggestions and information that complies with regulatory requirements for various aspects of their event.  Many of these guidelines go beyond special events to help provide a “common sense” approach to our everyday activities. 

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact  Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at x8040 (713-221-8040) or visit us in the Risk Management and Compliance Department in room 621 South of the One Main Building.  EHS is available to work with you to apply these guidelines and create safe solutions for your event.

 UHD EHS would like to thank the MIT EHS Department for their model plan that inspired and informed this Guideline.


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