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Accident Investigation and Reports

This section applies to motor vehicle accidents involving employees while on university business whether involving university owned or leased vehicles, personal vehicles or rental cars.​​

    • ​Risk Management & Compliance Department Responsibilities​​

      1. The UHD Risk Management & Compliance Department shall inform the UH System's Risk Management Department as soon as possible after the accident.

      2. Upon receipt of a completed vehicle accident report, the Risk Management & Compliance Department shall review Accident form and other documents for completeness of information and accident review.

      3. Accident review shall be conducted by the Police Department to determine the cause of the accident and whether there was anything the driver could have reasonably done or anticipated that would have prevented the occurrence.

      4. Accident review may generate one or more of the following recommendations:

            1. A cautionary letter

            2. Enrollment in a defensive driving course

            3. Restricted use of a component university vehicle

            4. Attendance in traffic court with written report of proceedings

            5. Assessment of part or all damage cost to university property

            6. Transfer to a non-driving assignment

            7. ​Other disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal
        If the accident review recommendations result in any personnel disciplinary action, university officials will follow established policies and procedures pertaining to that type of personnel action.

    • ​​​​​​​Coordination of Accident Investigation of Third Party Claims
      1. ​​​The UHD Risk Manager shall coordinate information regarding third party claims and provide the information to the University of Houston System Risk Management Department (UHSRM), who in turn will work with the Office of General Counsel to investigate and process the claim. The Risk Manager shall be responsible for receiving accident reports from the Department Manager of an employee involved in a motor vehicle accident and forwarding all accident-related information to UHSRM.

      2. Requests for payment of damages by third parties involved in an accident with a motor vehicle shall be filed with the UHD Risk Manager.  A Department Manager receiving such a request shall forward it to the UHD Risk Manager.  The UHD Risk Manager will then provide information on requirements and procedures for filing a claim.

      3. ​Accident investigation information should be compiled and maintained by the Risk Management & Compliance Department.  This information should be analyzed to determine frequency and severity of various types of accidents and other statistical information that may be beneficial to agency management.

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