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PS-02.A.26 - Staff Service Awards

EFFECTIVE DATE: April 10, 2020

ISSUE #: 4

PRESIDENT:  ​Juan Sánchez Muñoz


This Policy Statement establishes guidelines and the selection process for staff service awards at the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD). This Policy Statement complies with UH System Administrative Memorandum (SAM) 02.E.07, Staff Service Awards


2.1 Company seniority date: Represents the years of service at the University of Houston Downtown. This date is adjusted for breaks in service. 


3.1 Staff service awards recognize, honor, and reward staff members for continuous dedication and meritorious service to the University. There are four types of service awards: awards for service longevity, the Staff Excellence Award, the T. Chaney Anderson President’s Distinguished Staff Service Award and the Staff Council “Impact Awards.”

3.2 Service awards for longevity are non-monetary awards given for five (5) or more years of service at UHD, adjusted for breaks in service, in increments of five (5) years. Employment Services and Operations (ESO) utilizes PeopleSoft’s company seniority date for calculating tenure at UHD. 

3.3 The Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff members for individual excellence achieved in their role with the University. The nominees for this award must demonstrate the following qualities and meet the following criteria: 

3.3.1 Continued productivity in excess of normal job description 

3.3.2 Initiative that results in a benefit to UHD 

3.3.3 A positive attitude that affects fellow coworkers and the general public 

3.3.4 Dependability, responsibility and stability 

3.3.5 At least three consecutive years of service with UHD in a full-time benefitseligible position 

3.3.6 Nominated with a completed and signed nomination package 

3.3.7 Have not received the T. Chaney Anderson President’s Distinguished Staff Service Award (previously known as the Most Distinguished Staff Award) or Staff Excellence Award (previously known as the Staff Merit Award) in the last five years. 

3.3.8 Neither members of the Staff Council Executive Committee nor UHD administration are eligible. 

3.4 Three nominees will be selected for the Staff Excellence Award. Of the eligible nominees, the University President will select the T. Chaney Anderson President’s Distinguished Staff Service Award winner and the remaining nominee(s) receive the Staff Excellence Award. 

3.5 The T. Chaney Anderson President’s Distinguished Staff Service Award is the highest honor that the University can bestow on a non-faculty employee. It is designed to recognize and honor one staff member every year that has served the University in an exemplary manner. 

3.6 Both the Staff Excellence Award winners and the T. Chaney Anderson President’s Distinguished Staff Service Award winner receive a monetary award. These monetary awards are considered additional taxable income on the employee’s payroll record and applicable taxes are withheld. 

3.7 Staff Council “Impact Awards” are awards given to UHD staff members to recognize individuals for achievement in the five (5) following categories: 

3.7.1 Rookie of the Year. Nominees for this award should have a remarkable ability to adjust to a new work environment while demonstrating outstanding enthusiasm and a high level of energy. 

3.7.2 Whistle While You Work. Nominees for this award display a professional, calm, in-control manner. The nominee consistently handles unusual or difficult challenges and/or job assignments with professionalism and a smile. 

3.7.3 Goes the Extra Mile. Nominees for this award consistently go above and beyond what is required and expected in performing job duties and responsibilities. The nominee has made a major impact on an important University event, function, or service and/or continuously displays outstanding work performance over and beyond what is normally expected. 

3.7.4 Best Boss. Nominees for the Best Boss Award must be staff members that are in management or supervisory positions but not executive or administrative positions. Nominees show outstanding leadership and professionalism. The nominee leads by example by setting a high level of professionalism and standard of conduct. The nominee is consistent and fair in dealing with employees. 

3.7.5 Rising Star. Nominees for the Rising Star Award develop and realize their potential. The nominee shows consistent improvement of potential to deliver outstanding service to the University community. The nominee has grown in confidence, delivery, and professionalism and consistently displays exemplary judgment. 

3.8 Nominations will be accepted from any UHD staff member. Self-nominations, however, are not permitted. To be considered for one of the awards, each nomination package must be complete. A complete nomination package consists of a nomination form and at least two (but not more than five) separate statements from different people in support of the nominee. Incomplete nomination packages will not be reviewed by the board. All nominations forms and supporting letters must be typed, printed out, and submitted together as one complete nomination package. All nomination forms and letters of support must be hand signed. Signed nominations should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “confidential” and hand delivered to Employment Services and Operations on or before the designated due date. 

3.8.1 Nominations for staff service awards will be accepted for three weeks beginning the first Monday of the second week in March. 

3.8.2 Staff Service Award Nomination Forms may be downloaded from the Staff Council website. 

3.9 The UHD Staff Council Executive Committee is authorized to create an Awards Review Board for the selection of recipients for all staff awards. 

3.10 The Staff Council Executive Committee will select and present to the Staff Council President the nominees for the Awards Review Board. The Staff Council President will appoint the members of the Awards Review Board from the list of nominees. 

3.10.1 The Awards Review Board is comprised of two (2) former T. Chaney Anderson President’s Distinguished Staff Service Award (previously known as Most Distinguished Staff Award) winners, two (2) Staff Excellence Award (previously Staff Merit Award) winners, one (1) ESO representative, two (2) Staff Council Membership Board members, and two (2) staff members. 

3.11 All staff service awards are presented annually at the Staff Awards Program. 

3.12 Awards that may be purchased with state appropriated funds include the following: service award pins and certificates for longevity of service, safety award pins and certificates for safe operation of state equipment, and awards for special professional achievement or other outstanding service. The cost shall not exceed $100.00 per employee. 

3.13 Awards in an amount greater than $100.00 must be paid from local funds. 

3.14 The Vice President for Administration and Finance sets monetary amounts for awards in consultation with the President of the University. 


There are no procedures associated with this policy. 


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Vice President for Employment Services and Operations 

Review: Every three years on or before June 1st . 

Signed original on file in Employment Services and Operations 


Issue #1: 03/11/04

Issue #2: 03/09/15 

Issue #3: 08/20/18 


SAM 02.E.07, Staff Service Awards​

Staff Service Award Nomination Forms

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