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Fall '19 University Honors Program Students
The Fall 2019 University Honors Program
The University Honors Program at the University of Houston-Downtown aims to promote intellectual curiosity, support scholastic achievement, and provide an enriched university experience for high-achieving students.

Honors graduate Justin Tyler’s graduation party
Honors graduate Justin Tyler's graduation party appeared in the June 2019 issue of Out Smart Magazine.
From left to right Kathy Hubbard, Justin Tyler, Jovon A.B. Tyler, and former Houston mayor Annise Parker. Photo by Dalton Dehart.

Honors 2018 Publication 
University Honors 2018 Brochure button
The Honors Experience is more than an academic program; it combines an intellectually stimulating curriculum with meaningful cultural, social and service opportunities. Honors students belong to a vibrant community of scholars who support one another in their passion for learning, exploring and creating. 

HRNS kids at an events table 

 Honors education occurs both inside and outside of the classroom.  Honors students benefit from a student-centered approach, personalized advising, and innovative teaching and mentoring.

UHD Honors Student Awarded button

UHD Honors Student Awarded McDonald Scholarship winner Alondra J. Morillon 
The Portia Gordon Award for Best Student Panel:
Carlos Guajardo, Evelyn Garcia Lopez, and Jesse Uppal with Dr. Keith Volanto

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