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UHD Scholars Academy - Tutors

Free tutoring in mathematics and science is available in several sites on-campus for all UHD students, including special sessions for members of the Scholars Academy. You can find all current semester tutoring schedules in the SA Office, N725.​

Computer Science and Mathematics Courses

Collaborative Learning Community Center

The aim of the Collaborative Learning Community Center (CLCC) is to tutor and mentor the Scholars Academy recipients in mathematics and computer science courses. As students collaborate, younger scholars interact and learn from examples set by upperclassmen.

Tutoring is available for the following mathematics and computer science courses: Math 2301 | Math 3301 and CS 1408 | CS 3402.

The Collaborative Learning Center is located in room 735-South | Schedule​

Peer-Led Team Learning - PLTL

The Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) room provides a high-impact learning experience for students enrolled in lower-level mathematics courses. The PLTL offers open lab hours and tutoring sessions. Students meet in small groups with a peer leader who guides them through complicated courses.

The center is located in room 738-South.

Natural Sciences

Science Learning Center - SLC

The Science Learning Center offers free tutoring for all natural sciences courses and has resources for self-study in natural studies.

The center is located in room 604-North | Schedule​

Mathematics, Reading, and Writing

Academic Learning Center Math Lab

The Academic Learning Center Math Lab provides free tutoring services for students enrolled in lower-level math courses (Math 0300 � Math 1404). The Center also offers tutoring in English and reading.

The Center is located in room 925-North. Click to view the current tutoring schedule. ​

At UHD, we aim to foster your academic, personal, and professional goals. If you need additional information or have questions, please feel free to contact us at Scholars Academy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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