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Graduate Mathematics Concentration for the MAT (Masters of Arts in Teaching)

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Graduate Mathematics Concentration for the MAT (Masters of Arts in Teaching)

This concentration provides currently certified secondary high school mathematics teachers who are working to obtain the MAT with the required coursework to teach dual-credit high school or college-credit mathematics. Additionally, this coursework provides college/university developmental mathematics instructors with the graduate hours required to teach college/university credit mathematics courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which graduate mathematics courses are offered as part of the concentration? Students will take 6 courses from the following list:  A Survey of Undergraduate Mathematics, Foundations of Statistics, Real Analysis, Modern Algebra, Combinatorics, Differential Equations Graph Theory, History of Math, Probability or approved special topics courses. Courses are offered on a rotating basis so check the course schedule to see what is being offered when. Courses are offered in a variety of formats including online, face-to-face, hybrid and via ITV.

What can I do as a result of completing the MAT program with a concentration in graduate mathematics? The concentration will provide the necessary coursework to meet the requirements for teaching mathematics at institutions of higher education including community college or dual-credit mathematics courses for high school students.  Dual credit is a process through which a student may earn high school credit for successfully completing a college course. The "dual credit" earned is college credit and high school credit for one course. SACSCOC requires that any public education employee who teaches credit-level coursework have a master's degree or doctoral degree with 18 graduate hours in the discipline being taught.

How do I apply to the MAT program?

  • Submit graduate application via
  • Pay the $35 Graduate Application Processing Fee
  • The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required except in the following cases:
  • Students who have already completed a graduate degree (official transcripts will be required)
  • Students with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher are exempt from the GRE
  • Students with a grade point average of 3.0 can request a waiver for exemption status which will be reviewed by the Graduate Program Committee. The student will be notified of the determination. Please note that waiver requests take additional time to process and determine.
  • Submit official transcripts from all universities attended must be submitted.
  • Submit a personal statement indicating your interest in doing the concentration in graduate mathematics.
  • Submit 3 recommendation letters using the UHD's Graduate Program Recommendation Form. These should be from individuals who can comment on work ethic and/or have observed you working in an educational setting.
  • For more information visit MAT Curriculum & Instruction page.

How much are tuition and fees for the full 18 hours? Full information on tuition can be found on the UHD Tuition and Fees page.

The estimated cost of for 9 hours of graduate coursework for a Texas resident for 2015-2016 is $6,152. This does not include the cost of parking, transportation, books or other potential costs.

What is the deadline for completing the pre-screening? What about the deadline for application for admissions? You may submit the pre-screening application at any time. We follow the following deadlines for applications:

  • Fall Semester – July 15th
  • Spring Semester – November 15th
  • Summer Semester – May 31st

Only files fully completed by the deadline will be reviewed for admissions

What if I have not taken mathematics in some time and do not feel prepared? In general, we prefer for students to have taken at least 7-8 junior- or senior-level mathematics courses at the undergraduate level. However, under some circumstances, students who have not completed this undergraduate coursework might be ready for graduate coursework.  If you have a question regarding readiness for the graduate mathematics concentration, please email Dr. Judith Quander ( or Dr. Jackie Sack ( We will assess your undergraduate mathematics coursework and make suggestions to take Math 5300 Survey of Undergraduate Mathematics in the case that you have taken substantial undergraduate mathematics coursework or to take some undergraduate mathematics courses before starting the graduate coursework.


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