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MS Faculty - Timothy A. Redl

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Timothy A. Redl

Associate Professor & Assistant Chair

Office: S705F
(713) 226-5224

I am committed to excellence in teaching. I am passionate about it, achieve immense satisfaction from it, and take great pride in my students' achievements. My main objective in teaching is to engage my students. I encourage student participation with group activities and classroom demonstrations with props and other manipulatives. I aim to provide experiences for my students that are enlightening, stimulating, and offer opportunities for student participation, at times including humor (and magic!) to further instill a comfortable learning atmosphere. I continually challenge and set high expectations for my students. To learn mathematics one must do mathematics, and to do it correctly and with serious effort and particular attention to detail. I emphasize to my students the importance of learning mathematics, particularly its usefulness and its many applications to life experiences.

My current research focus has mostly been in mathematics education, as part of a "community of practice" with colleagues in Mathematics and Statistics and Urban Education at UHD since 2010. Such participation, specifically in both the UHD Noyce Mathematics Teacher Scholarship Program and the UHD Teacher Quality Mathematics Leadership Project, have inspired and challenged me to become a better teacher (and for some courses, co-teacher) for my students, to think about teaching in new and exciting ways, and to apply these new teaching strategies and techniques in all of my courses, from freshman-level algebra to sophomore-level calculus to upper level operations research and decision mathematics courses, and also our teacher preparation courses for future elementary, middle, and high school teachers. As such, my teaching style has gradually progressed from initially a "teacher-centered" focus to more of a "learner-centered" focus

  • Ph.D., Computational & Applied Mathematics, Rice University, 2004
  • M.A., Computational & Applied Mathematics, Rice University, 2003
  • B.A., Mathematics, Dartmouth College, 1997

​​MATH 1300: Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1301: College Algebra (Face-to-Face, Hybrid, and Online)
MATH 1301: College Algebra (Honors Section)
MATH 1305: Finite Mathematics with Applications (Face-to-Face and Online)
MATH 1306: Fundamentals of Calculus with Applications
MATH 2301: Introduction to Computational Mathematics
MATH 2401: Calculus I
MATH 2405: Discrete Mathematics
MATH 3321: Math Concepts I
MATH 3322: Math Concepts II
MATH 3394: Undergraduate Research
MATH 4395: Senior Project in Mathematics
MATH 6302: Mathematical Structures for Teachers (co-taught w/ J. Sack)
MATH 6304: Combinatorics and Probability for Teachers (co-taught w/ J. Sack)
MATH 6318: Special Topics for Teachers (co-taught w/ J. Sack)
MAT 6180/6280: Practicum for Urban Teachers (co-taught w/ J. Sack)
MAT 6316: Advanced Methods for the Culturally Diverse Classroom (co-taught w/ J. Sack)
STAT 4303: Decision Mathematics
STAT 4311: Operations Research
STAT 4395: Senior Project in Statistics
UHD 2302: University Seminar in Mathematics – "What Are the Odds? Mathematics in Games, Sports, and Gambling"


  • University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX
  • Assistant Chair, CMS/MS Department, Fall 2012-present
  • Associate Professor of Mathematics: CMS/MS Department, Fall 2011-present
  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics: CMS Department, Fall 2005-Summer 2011

  • Rice University, Houston, TX Lecturer: CAAM Department, Fall 2004-Spring 2005

  • Lone Star College-CyFair (formerly Cy-Fair College), Cypress, TX, Adjunct Instructor: Math Department, Spring 2004-Summer 2006




*"Mathematics and Magic… and maybe even a little Mentalism", MS Department Elias
Deeba Speaker Series, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX (April 2017)

*"Teaching Honors College Algebra with Inquiry-Based Instruction at the University of Houston-Downtown", 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings, Atlanta, GA (January 2017)

*"Building a Community of Practice to Develop and Integrate Innovative Instructional Strategies in College Algebra Classes at the University of Houston-Downtown" (with J. Quander), 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings, Atlanta, GA (January 2017)

*J. Sack, J. Quander, T. Redl, and N. Leveille, The Community of Practice among Mathematics and Mathematics Education Faculty Members at an Urban Minority Serving Institution in the U.S.  Innovative Higher Education, Volume 41, Number 2, April 2016, pp. 167-182.

*N. Leveille, J. Quander, T. Redl, K. Orta, K. Carlton, and J. Sack, Developing Research Practitioners: Senior Projects for Pre-service Teachers. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference of the Mathematics Education for the Future Project: Mathematics Education in a Connected World, Catania, Sicily, Italy, September 2015.

*T. Redl, A Study of University Timetabling that Blends Graph Coloring with the Satisfaction of Various Essential and Preferential Conditions, Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University, May 2004, 159 pages. 

* J. Sack, N. Leveille, J. Quander, and T. Redl, The Evolution of a Community of Practice among Mathematics and Mathematics Education Faculty at an Urban Minority Serving Institution of Higher Education in the U.S. (Submitted, 2014)

* J. Quander and T. Redl, Examples of Best Practices from Mathematics Faculty Teaching College Algebra. (Submitted, 2014)

* J. Quander, N. Leveille, T. Redl, and J. Sack, Supporting Undergraduate Math Majors in a Secondary Teacher Certification Program. (In preparation)

* T. Redl, N. Leveille, J. Quander, and J. Sack, Case Studies of Co-teaching Mathematics Courses at the University Level. (In preparation)

* T. Redl and J. Sack, Reflections on the University of Houston-Downtown Teacher Quality Mathematics Leadership Project. (In preparation)

* T. Redl, On Using Graph Coloring to Create University Timetables with Essential and Preferential Conditions. Advances in Marketing, Management and Finances, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Management, Marketing and Finance (International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX, April 2009), pp. 162-167.

* Poster: "Recruiting and Preparing Mathematics Majors for Houston-Area Classrooms: The University of Houston-Downtown Noyce Mathematics Teacher Scholarship Program", 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Antonio, TX (January 2015)

* "The UHD Teacher Quality High Impact Experience in Middle School Mathematics Classrooms: Year Two", 3rd Annual High Impact Practices Showcase, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX (April 2014)

Academic Interest

My scholarly areas of expertise and research are mainly in graph theory and discrete mathematics, operations research, management science, mathematical programming, and mathematics education and curriculum development. My teaching interests, however, are quite varied and encompass a wide range of topics in both pure and applied mathematics in addition to those mentioned above, from introductory-level subjects such as algebra, precalculus, calculus, or finite mathematics, to more upper-level topics such as combinatorics, number theory, operations research, computational mathematics, or combinatorial optimization. I also enjoy teaching mathematics concepts courses for future elementary and middle school teachers.


* University of Houston-Downtown Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, 2011

Internal Grants:
“A Community of Practice for College Algebra Faculty”
PI: T. Redl; Co-PIs: J. Quander, J. Sack
UH –Downtown Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE), 2015-2016
Grant Amount: $20,000

External Grants:

“Recruiting and Preparing UHD Mathematics Majors for Houston-Area Classrooms: The UHD Noyce Mathematics Teacher Scholarship Program”
PI: J. Quander; Co-PIs: T. Redl, N. Leveille, J. Sack, M. Connell
National Science Foundation (NSF), 2011-2016
Grant amount: $1,079,257

“University of Houston-Downtown Teacher Quality Mathematics Leadership Project”
PI: J. Sack; Co-PI: T. Redl
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), 2012-2014
Grant amount: $229,651

“2016-2018 Comprehensive College Readiness and Success Models for 60x30TX (CRSM)”
PI: T. Redl
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), 2016-2018
Grant amount: $50,000 - $96,000


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