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USDA Grant

The CUAS currently has funding from a USDA-NIFA grant called SUSTAIN

This program creates a curriculum and experiential learning synergistically with the new Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability (CUAS) at the University of Houston-Downtown.  All UHD undergraduates will have access to 3 new courses that focus on sustainability.  Undergraduates interested in agricultural science can also apply for Experiential Learning in CUAS (EL CUAS).  Through EL CUAS 8 undergraduates per year will work collaboratively in a year-long program where they complete courses, participate in professional development and work to carry out a project with sustainability or urban agricultural focus" (replace old grant info with current USDA grant info – that grant will be active until 2024)

The University of Houston-Downtown's Program to Support Undergraduate Sustainable Technology and Agricultural Instructional Needs (SUSTAIN) includes an innovative experiential learning program and curriculum changes to improve accessibility.  Through this funding SUSTAIN offers annual experiential learning program for a cohort of 10 undergraduate students that lasts two semesters and is mentored by faculty from natural science, engineering technology and social science.  In addition to taking courses students will engage in field trips, lunch discussions and engage in team projects.  The project will involve building and evaluating a system to solve a sustainable agriculture problem using the principles of renewable technology and social change.  UHD SUSTAIN students will also mentor local high schools students in an Urban Agriculture course.  After two semesters the UHD SUSTAIN students will complete a summer internship with one of our external partners (local non-profit farms, government agencies or renewable energy company).