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Experiential Learning with CUAS

EL CUAS is a summer program that helps students work together in teams to plan, build, and test  

Experiential Learning through CUAS (EL CUAS) is a summer program where students from different disciplines and backgrounds work together in teams to plan, build, and test a system that builds on the university's sustainable initiatives. The program provides a valuable opportunity for students to engage in an experiential learning program which focuses on creating solutions to current issues in food production or sustainable urban systems. Students take the spring course Fundamentals of Sustainability and spend all of Summer I working on sustainability projects with science, engineering, and components of other disciplines.  The program also includes field trips and a stipend of $2000.  Students will also present findings at the UHD Graduate and Student Internship Fair, UHD Student Research Conference and potentially at one additional local/national conference (travel will be covered).

This program is funded by the USDA.


Accepting applications now!! Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Early Application Deadline Friday, December 7, 2018*

*After this date, quality applications will be accepted until all spots are filled.

What You Need To Apply:

  1. Download the information page and fill it out.
  2. A 1-page essay describing your interests and goals.  You may want to consider addressing questions such as: What do you find particularly appealing about this program? How would this program enhance your ability to reach your short and long-term personal or career goals? 
  1. A print of your grade history from e-services.
  2. Submit the three pages by the deadline to the Natural Sciences Office (N813) or scan entire package and email to


  • Minimum of 30 credit hours of college work completed by December of 2018
  • UHD GPA of 3.0 or greater recommended, but not required.  If GPA is below 3.0 applicants may address why they should still be considered in their essay (i.e. what qualities do you have that would make you a great addition? What special circumstances, such as working full time, have resulted in a GPA below 3.0?).
  • Must sign up for spring and summer I curriculum (courses) that will be associated with this program.  The spring 2019 course is SUST 3302, Fundamentals of Sustainability, Tuesdays from 1-2:15 PM.
  • Must not be graduating before the end of summer 2019.
  • Research and courses associated with this program will require a minimum dedication of 40 hours per week (Monday-Friday) on campus throughout summer Session I, but students will be free Summer III.
  • Citizenship or permanent residency is required for one of the USDA-funded program spots.  The CUAS does have a small number of funds to sponsor a few international students in this program.

Students will be expected to be engaged in the program full-time during Summer I of 2019 and the hybrid class in spring 2019.  Students will also present findings at a meeting in the Fall of 2019 or the following spring (travel covered).