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Faculty & Students

At UHD, research is an important element of the academic environment. Faculty in departments throughout the university place priority on staying current in their academic disciplines.

UHD research programs are designed to give students the rare opportunity for hands-on experience at the undergraduate level. Students benefit from leading-edge equipment and techniques, and from the experience and knowledge of dedicated faculty.

UHD faculty are engaged routinely in research projects that benefit the community and academia. And the university plays host to a number of significant conferences that bring experts together to discuss the latest information in a variety of fields.

The UHD Scholars Academy is an academically competitive program in the College of Sciences and Technology at the University of Houston-Downtown that promotes scholarship and student success for undergraduate students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Students who are interested in including research experiences in their academic career can also contact other academic departments for further information.

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