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2021 Gender Studies Conference

10:00 AM - Welcome Remarks
Moderator: Interim Dean David Ryden

10:15 AM - Historical Perspective on Gender
Moderator: Dr. Theresa Case

An Observation of the Socially Constructed Essence of Gender through Shakespeare’s Viola By Susie Herndon

The Impact of Social Settlement Houses on Immigrant Women By Anita Goolcharan

The Impact of Settlement Houses in the Early Nineteenth Century By Emonii Fitz-Bowie

11:30 AM - Catch a Criminal by the Tale: Sexual Predators in "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Sleeping Beauty"
Moderator: Dr. Tammis Thomas

“Little Red Riding Whore”: Perversities of Predation and Desire in the Original “Little Red Riding Hood” Tales By Jaida Doll

The Transformation of Sleeping Beauty’s Bed in the Light of Consent By Katt Pittard

Sleeping Beauty: Another Eternal Slumber By Katt Pittard

1:15 PM - Breaking Literary and Gender Norms: Fairy Tales Revisited
Moderator: Dr. Tammis Thomas

“Caramela”: Correcting the Damage of Snow White By Mariey Garcia

Little Red Riding Hood Revisited: “The Wolf that Cried” By Eric Tat

Discovering Harmony Despite Dissonance for Gender Dysphoric Youth: A Radical Revision of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” By Jaida Doll

2:30 PM - The Struggle for Gender and Sexual Equality
Moderator: Dr. Shahnjayla Connors

History of Feminist Struggles By Norma Galindo

Law Abiding Sexuality By Jessica Love

Law Enforcement and the LGBTQ+ Community By Brayan Ayala

3:40 PM - Framing Women in the Cinema
Moderator: Dr. Johanna Schmertz

Flipping Behavioral Expectations and Class Transcendence: A Parable of Fan Culture in It
By Chase Hodgeson

The Rise and Fall of the IT Factor By Leah Williams

Framing the Female Gaze in Jane Campion’s The Piano and Bright Star By Rachel Leigh

Ex Machina and Gender: Ava and Performative Femininity By Jordynn Godfrey

4:50 PM - Speaking Out and Acting Up: Voicing Gender Diversity
Moderator: Dr. Katharine Jager

Am I Not Equal? By Nampie Kamara

Socks By Rachel Leigh

Truth Has Never Been Spoken By Ahsanul Haque

6:00 PM - Hearts of Our People: Honoring Native American Women Artists as Contributors to American Art By Teri Greeves
Moderator: Professor Mark Cervenka