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Commencement is the formal university-wide celebration at which President of the University of Houston-Downtown officially confers degrees upon graduating students. The ceremony features a processional of graduates and faculty, remarks from the President, and a vibrant keynote speaker. Commencement is an event not to be missed for students, families, and friends. Visit the UHD Commencement page for more detailed information.

Visit the UHD Commencement page for more information.


Graduation is the three-step process of completion of a degree, including:

  1. submitting an online application for graduation by logging in to myUHD
  2. completing all academic requirements for your degree, and
  3. satisfying all financial obligations.

Your degree becomes official when it is posted to your transcript rather than by your participation in commencement or convocation ceremonies. It takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the close of the term for colleges to review graduation applications and submit their decisions to the Registrar’s office for processing. Diplomas are ordered once a student has been approved and a degree officially conferred and posted. Diplomas are mailed directly to students at the most current address provided through their myUHD student account.

CHSS Requirements for Graduation

Students planning to graduate from UHD with a CHSS major must file an electronic application for graduation. The $50 application fee is nonrefundable, so we urge students to meet with a CHSS advisor before submitting the application and fee. An advisor can assess whether the potential applicant is "on track" to graduate in a particular semester.

To be successfully "certified for graduation" by CHSS a student must have:

  • Declared his/her major
  • Completed the degree plan for a CHSS major
  • UHD grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher
  • GPA of 2.0 or higher for those courses taken in his/her major
  • Up-to-date transcripts from all other universities attended
  • Taken at least 30 semester credit hours at UHD (per UHD policy)
  • Taken 18 semester credit hours at the upper level (3000 and above) at UHD.

If an applicant does not complete the requirements for the degree in the current semester, applicant will not be refunded the $50 application fee and must reapply for graduation.

Visit the Apply for Graduation page for instructions.