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Your Opinions Matter!

Student Course Opinion Surveys, often called “Student Course Evaluations," are surveys that provide you the opportunity to share thoughts about your experiences regarding the instructor, the content and design, and the materials in every course each semester.  

All surveys are anonymous, and faculty will not see them until after they submit final course grades.

Faculty use the feedback as part of their own course improvement processes—your feedback can support learning processes for future students in these courses. Your responses may also be used in the faculty evaluation processes as determined by the departments. 

UHD has chosen the IDEA evaluation forms, which are based on nationally developed methods to gather student input.

How do I complete them?

  • All evaluations can be done online using any computer or mobile device.
  • Toward the end of each semester (before finals), you will receive notification through your gatormial from Campus Labs to tell  you that courses are open for evaluations.
  • You can login on this webpage (link above) or through your own student services portal.
  • You must complete the surveys by the deadline (usually the first day of finals).
  • If you have questions about the instrument, ask your instructor. You may want to ask if it will be administered during regular class time.
  • All surveys are anonymous; faculty will not see them  until after final grades are posted.

What do the surveys ask about?

  • You will respond to a series of questions about how the faculty engaged you in various class tasks, what progress you made in learning certain types of skills and information, and your overall experiences in the class and with your instructor.
  • Faculty are allowed to add specialized questions for each class, so you may see a few additional class-specific questions.
  • You can offer comments. These are particularly valuable to faculty bacause it can help them understand responses to the more general questions asked in the survey.

      Please share your thoughts!