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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Make Up Exams

  • The purpose of the Office of Testing Services SLA is to clarify the proctoring process and provide testing information.
  • SLA is for professors requesting assistance with administering a make-up exam.
  • A make-up exam is a missed exam by one or two students max. If a student qualifies for a make-up exam based on your syllabus and college missed exam policy, you may proceed with completing the SLA form. The form will be reviewed within 24-hours or the following business day if sent in on Friday through Saturday.
  • We need the following details to proceed with testing the student(s) in the Office of Testing Services on behalf of the course professor. Changes to this form will not be accepted after submission.  Please make sure to review the SLA prior to submission. 
  • We need at least two business days to prepare and register the student.
  • Professors are required to be available via phone if there is a discrepancy or testing situation on the day of test. Provide us with a direct personal contact number. 
  • The preferred testing method for all students who test in the Office of Testing Services is through their course LMS.
  • Paper exams are welcomed, but not suitable in our testing environment. We have limited desk space. 
  • University policy on duration is no more than 2-hours per exam.
  • ProctorU services is also an option, if the student is unable to come in person to test or if the class is classified as a fully online course. ProctorU can be selected on the SLA form. 
  • If the student is out of the area and needs to find a suitable proctor outside of UHD the student can complete our proctor agreement form. The student will need to find a suitable proctor and have them complete the bottom two sections of the form.  Here is a list of testing centers that are available to assist with proctoring your exam.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Form