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Academic Guidelines for Faculty

In an effort to continue to provide UHD faculty with quality service the following guidelines are provided to ensure our mission to provide a premier testing experience

  • The Office of Testing Services requires at least a 4-day test window for all administered exams. Faculty should set all exams to expire at midnight on the last day of the test window.
  • To request UHD test proctoring, instructors must complete a Professor Preference Form and Approved Accommodations List prior to the start of the semester. Please also include additional materials or instructions that are needed.
  • In the event of an unexpected closure (ex. bad weather, power failure, etc.), the Office of Testing Services will consult with the faculty member and reschedule the exam. 
  • Students must make an appointment for testing at

  • Students are to be advised of the proctored exams prior to the start of the semester. They must also be informed of the Academic Testing Guidelines and ID requirements. Testing Services will only provide scratch paper and pencils. Students will need to provide their own scantrons, bluebooks, calculators, etc.
  • Personal items including cellular phones and any other electronic devices are not allowed in the test room. All electronic devices will need to be turned off and surrendered to testing personnel prior to the student entering the test room.
  • Paper exams must be delivered to the Office of Testing Services two weeks in advance. A sufficient number of copies should also be provided to testing personnel.
  • Completed tests will not be released to any other department personnel unless stated on Drop Off & Delivery Form. This form can be requested from a Testing Services staff member.
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser is no longer a requirement for proctored exams.
  • Faculty will need to make their own scoring arrangements. The Office of Testing Services does not have the equipment to score exams.
  • The Office of Testing Services will issue a statement in writing of any concerns or academic dishonesty observations by email to the appropriate parties.
  • All questions or concerns should be directed to the Director of Testing Services at 713-221-8027 or by email at