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Intramural Sports

UHD Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are competitions between individuals or teams of students of the same university campus. Intramural team sports normally have a regular season that builds up to play-offs and an eventual campus-wide championship. Intramural individual sports normally have a one-day tournament that determines the campus champion. Intramural teams normally do not have coaches nor have practices and play primarily for fun and recreation. Some intramural leagues are co-recreational, meaning men and women compete together.
Player skills levels range from intermediate to advance. Beginners are strongly encouraged to participate in open recreation in that sport to gauge their skill level prior to registering for an intramural sport. The Department of Sports & Fitness at the University of Houston-Downtown organizes the competitions and the participants organize the teams. Players without teams may sign up as free agents. All the players have to do is show up, play fair and have a great time.​