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Security Bike Patrol Course


Description:  Students will learn basic bike patrol techniques including: mounting and dismounting, emergency stops, slow maneuvering, curb hopping, traffic safety, nutrition, bike positioning, and other basic contact skills. Students will be required to meet the riding skills test and pass a written examination.


This is a basic skills, riding and safety class. Individuals should be in good physical shape and have some bike riding experience. Officers are asked to wear comfortable clothing suited for training. Please, no street attire (including slacks, dress shirts or boots). Uniforms are highly recommended.


All materials required for the course will be provided. This includes reference and testing materials, certificate of completion, officers’ evaluations and scores.

Education Credits

  • 8 CEUs

  • 8.00 hours – Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)

Other Information

Officers receive a certification of completion upon satisfactorily passing both the written and practical applications. Certifications will expire one year from the printed date.

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