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Appointment Campaigns

Appointment Campaigns allow advising centers and academic leadership to reach out to specific populations of students to encourage them to schedule appointments. This functionality is commonly used when you have identified a population of students in need of additional support, and you are sending them a request to schedule an appointment with you. 

Standard Naming Conventions for Campaigns, Watch Lists, and Tags

Follow this naming convention so that others can quickly identify the student population, the term and year of focus, the purpose, and the campaign or list creator. 

[Center Abbreviation] [Term and Year of Focus/Enrollment] [Short Descriptive Text] [Manager Last Name] 

Campaign Examples

UCAC Summer 20 New Admits Finch
MDCBO Fall 20 Continuing Robles

Watch List Examples

UCAC Spring 2020 Honors Recipient Finch 

GSC Fall 2020 Grad Cohorts Dyer 

CST Summer 2020 Nursing Entrants Charvis 

ASC Fall 2019 GLN19 Grau

Tag Examples

UCAC Spring 2020 Probation/Suspension Finch 

GSC Fall 2020 Grad Cohorts Dyer 

CST Summer 2020 Nursing Entrants Charvis 

ASC Fall 2019 GLN19 Grau 

Campaign Guidelines

Student Selection for Campaigns – In order to avoid duplication of campaign messaging to students, please select students assigned to your advising center in PeopleSoft. If you're planning to run a campaign that includes students who are not assigned to your center, please consult with the assigned advising center before initiating a campaign.

Number of Active Campaigns – Try to limit the number of active campaigns a given student is in at the same time to two. If you find that you want to include the same student in more than two campaigns at the same time, then step back and see if you can better accomplish your goals with fewer campaigns.

Quality Assurance – Keep leadership of the center in the loop of any plans for initiating campaigns within the center. If advisors have the ability to independently initiate campaigns in your center, please institute a review/approval process within your center to insure quality and prevent redundancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as an Eligible Appointment?

In order to be considered an Eligible Appointment, the student must be part of the campaign and their appointment must be for the same reason and location the campaign was created with, and with a staff members associated with the campaign. 

Can you run a student-facing campaign if your desired goal is not necessarily a student appointment?

Although the appointment campaign functionality is primarily designed to manage outreach for the purpose of live student intervention, Navigate member institutions have used it to accomplish a diversity of outreach goals. Contact your Strategic Leader for more ideas!  

What happens when a student cancels a campaign appointment?

When a student cancels a campaign appointment in advance, the Navigate platform moves this student from the Appointments Made to the Appointments Not Yet Made tab, all while removing that appointment from the staff member's calendar and making it available to another campaign student.

How do you deal with no-show students in an appointment campaign?

Mark that student as no-show as you would with any other type of appointment. Unclick the box in the summary report for that appointment saying “This person attended.” These students will display as “no-shows” within the appointment campaign dashboard. We recommend reaching out to them again to get them back in your office!

What happens if a student schedules an appointment in response to my campaign communication by a means other than the appointment link (e.g. via phone, individual email, or walk-in)?

If a student schedules an appointment outside of their custom campaign link, this appointment will not be tracked as a campaign appointment by the appointment campaign functionality in Navigate. It MAY appear on the Eligible Appointments tab. 

An appointment made like this will appear on the Eligible Appointments tab if the appointment contains the same location, service, advisors, and students selected when creating the campaign.

How does the campaign functionality track students who have made only one appointment in a campaign that allows for two per student?

In a campaign that allows for multiple appointments per student, a column will appear within the Appointment Campaign Dashboard, under the tab for “Appointments Not Yet Made,” that shows how many appointments a student has made and how many more they have left. 

How can staff add or remove students to a campaign? For example, if new students are added to an advisor’s list due to major changes or removed from a list due to graduation, what is the easiest way to update a campaign?

When you add students to a campaign that has already been sent, you should see an option to "send to all" or "only send to newly added recipients" before saving. Similarly, you can resend campaign emails only to select students, or remove students from the campaign altogether by editing the campaign details and removing those select students.

When a student schedules via an appointment campaign and cancels the appointment, the student is unable to use the campaign link again to schedule an appointment. Is this expected or a bug?

If the STUDENT cancels for themselves, then the link should be active again. If the appointment is canceled for the staff member in the appointment, then the link does not go back to active. 

How do Appointment Campaigns work in Navigate Student?

If an Appointment Campaign is made in Navigate, the students will see a new to-do in their Path prompting them to schedule an appointment with whichever staff member launched the campaign. The to-do will include the information provided in the campaign request. If your institution has turned on scheduling from Navigate Student, then the student will be able to schedule an appointment with the staff member through the to-do. Once the appointment is scheduled, it will then show up on the Student’s Path.

If an advisor sends an Appointment Campaign to all their assigned students, will students who have already scheduled an appointment for the same service/location get the campaign email? Or will those appointments instead show under eligible appointments? Or both?

Students will still receive the invitation. The platform doesn’t know to pull them out unless the advisor manually does so. It’s a good practice for advisors to manually remove them if they already have a booked appointment for the purpose of the campaign with specific students. If the advisor doesn’t send a clean list, they risk muddying their response rates and will have a harder time tracking the effectiveness of that particular campaign. However, an appointment will not show under the eligible appointments tab (even if the student has scheduled for the same advisor, service, and location) unless the student is also already in the campaign.

When do Appointment Campaigns expire?

For Appointment Campaigns, the expiration is 11:59 PM of the specified date/12:00 AM the next day in the institution's time zone. This means that if the expiration date specified in Navigate is 8/24/2019 then Appointment campaign expires on 8/25/2019 at 12:00 AM.

Is there a maximum number of students that can be added to an Appointment Campaign?

No, there is no maximum. It may affect performance if you add over 10,000 students.