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NAVIGATE: Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature of NAVIGATOR provides staff and faculty the ability to pull lists of students based on a number of characteristics, such as enrollment history, academic performance, and course data. Users can also create and save lists of student groups if they want to track progress over time within Advanced Search. Data feeding into Advanced Search updates nightly, providing users a streamlined way to monitor the progress of their students.

Training Guides

Advanced Search User Guide.pdf


Frequently Asked Questions

How does historical data appear in Advanced Search?

The Navigate platform is not designed for comprehensive historical data searches and to understand the breadth of data available for running historical searches to implement strategic campaigns at your campus, please contact your Strategic Leader to see the time frame that you can use in your searches. For true historical data reporting, please refer to the Institutional Reports.

Can I use Advanced Search to run historical searches?

No. While historical data may be in your advanced searches, it is not a tool to analyze historical data. To analyze historical data in the platform, please use Institutional Reports.

What is the impact of the global term filter in Advanced Search?

The global term filter impacts the ability to see student’s Classification, GPA, and assigned Categories in the current term. It should not impact the results (# of students per filters applied), however will determine the additional student information shown in the results.

For example – if you were to choose a term filter outside of the current term (i.e. Spring 2017), the student’s Classifications/Categories/etc. would likely not appear.

Is there a maximum number of Student ID's that can be copy-and-pasted into Advanced Search?

300 is the maximum number of IDs you can paste into the Advanced Search that will work consistently and regularly.

What happens if I was an advisor in previous terms but have no students assigned to me in the current term?

Users that have had a relationship type in the past WILL NOT appear if they don’t currently have that relationship with a student. For example, an advisor who has no students assigned to them will not appear. However, you will appear in a saved search if you have appeared in it in the past and the saved search did not delete you.