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Policies & Legislation

Information Technology policies are published as University of Houston System Administrative Memoranda (SAMs) and University of Houston-Downtown ​Policies.

UHD Information Systems Policies

08.A.01 - Review of Information Systems Resources Requests
08.A.02 - Information Systems Policies, Procedures, Standards, and Plans
08.A.03 - Academic Technology Committee Policy
08.A.04 - Computer Access, Security and Use Policy
08.A.05 - Academic Computing Services
08.A.06 - University Website Policy

University of Houston System Administrative Memoranda (SAMs)

07.A.03 - Responsibilities for Information Technology Resources
07.A.04 - Digital Millennium Copyright Act
07.A.06 - E-Mail Retention
07.A.07 - Use of Electronic Messaging Services by Employees
07.A.08 - Data Classification and Protection
07.A.09 - Electronic and Information resources Accessibility Policy (Interim)
07.A.10 - Information Security Program
07.A.11 - Information Security Incident Reporting and Investigation

Laws & Regulations

FERPA - protects the educational records of all students.
HIPAA - requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information.
GLBA - requires financial institutions to protect the security and confidentiality of user information.

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