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About iRadio


​The mission of The University of Houston Downtown Internet Radio Station is twofold: 1. To inform, entertain, and enlighten its campus of diverse listeners by presenting an eclectic mix of programs; and 2. To serve as an educational venue equipped to provide students with a laboratory in which they may explore a variety of careers in radio broadcasting. 


Options bantered about. If location cannot be found or consensus cannot be reached, I recommend S-1055. Reason to be addressed in meeting.

Recommended Hours of Broadcasting (initially):

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10AM-2:00PM. Only 3-day configuration to accommodate M/W &T/TH student/faculty. Other reasons discussed during meeting.

Summer operations?


LIVE programming is recommended for the first semester of operation.


Areas Recommended: News, interviews, campus local, city local, stories, monitored editorials.

Music: Legal parameters and regulations for the use of music must be articulated and understood before including it in the program inventory.

Podcast Potential: Addressed by Dr. Logan

Syndication: Strong potential, especially if seeking a weekly vignette or feature: e.g., "Moth Radio Hour," "An American Life," etc. See link

Last updated 10/6/2017 4:29 AM