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Workplace Accommodations - Employee Process Guide

Step 1

Employee needs workplace accommodation and notifies HR Benefits

Step 2

HR Benefits provides Employee with Request for Workplace Accommodation Form and Medical Inquiry Form, if applicable

Step 3

Employee submits Medical Inquiry to Health Care Provider, if applicable

Step 4

Health Care Provider completes and signs Medical Inquiry and returns to Employee

Step 5

Employee completes Request and submits with Medical Inquiry, if applicable to HR Benefits within 28 days

Step 6

HR Benefits reviews the request for reasonableness of accommodation

Step 7

HR Benefits conducts a review of the request with the Employee's Supervisor

Step 8

HR Benefits determines whether Employee is eligible for accommodation

Step 9

HR Benefits notifies Employee and Supervisor whether accommodation request is approved or denied

Step 10

If approved, accommodation is implemented in a timely fashion

Employee may submit written appeal for denied accommodation request to the appropriate Vice President to whom the employee ultimately reports within 10 working days of notification. The Vice President has 20 days to approve accommodation request or uphold denial of request.