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Workers' Compensation - Employee Process Guide

Step 1

Employee suffers work-related injury or illness

Step 2

Employee seeks medical help; if injury is serious, Supervisor assists employee with obtaining medical help

Step 3

Employee notifies Supervisor of injury or learns of illness within 30 days

Step 4

Supervisor immediately notifies HR Benefits and Env Health & Safety Office

Step 5

Supervisor completes Supervisor's Report of Accident and submits to HR Benefits within 24 hours of accident, if applicable

Step 6

Employee completes Employee's Report of Injury and submits to HR Benefits within 30 days of injury or illness

Step 7

HR Benefits reviews Employee's Report and files claim with State Office of Risk Management (SORM)*

Step 8

HR Benefits provides Employee with SORM packet

Step 9

Employee completes SORM packet and submits to HR Benefits

Step 10

HR Benefits coordinates Family and Medical Leave benefits with Employee if absence is 3 or more days

Step 11

Employee notifies HR Benefits of any updates to SORM claim

Step 12

Employee returns to work and provides return to work authorization

Contact HR Benefits for additional information.

*If employee does not require medical treatment or time off from work due to work-related injury or illness, HR Benefits files the report with the State Office of Risk Management (SORM) as an incident and no further action is required.