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Prior State Service - Employee Process Guide

Step 1

Employee completes Part 1 of Prior State Service Verification Form for previous state employer(s) and submits to HR Payroll

Step 2

HR Payroll sends form to previous state employer

Step 3

Previous state employer completes Part 2 and signs form and returns to HR Payroll

Step 4

HR adds the days of prior state service to the employee's Benefits Service Date (state service date) in PeopleSoft

Step 5

Employee's monthly vacation accruals and longevity pay are adjusted effective the first of the month following the date of entry in PeopleSoft, if needed

Step 6

HR Payroll calculates any back vacation accruals and longevity pay due the employee

Step 7

HR Payroll adjusts employee's vacation accrual balance for any back vacation hours due in PeopleSoft

Step 8

HR Payroll processes payment for any back longevity pay due in next payroll

Step 9

Employee receives any additional back longevity pay due in next paycheck

Step 10

HR Payroll notifies Employee of changes to employee's Benefits Service Date, and any vacation hours and longevity pay due

Prior State Service is previous service at a State of Texas agency or State of Texas public university.

Prior State Service credit affects your vacation accruals and longevity pay, if eligible.