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Interim Staff Appointment - Employee Process Guide

Step 1

Manager completes Sections I and II of Request for Additional Compensation Form and forwards to Employee selected for interim appointment

Step 2

Employee signs Section IV of form and associated addendum, attaches resume, and returns form to Manager

Step 3

Manager forwards form to Department Head

Step 4

Department Head reviews and approves form and forwards to Department/College Administrator

Step 5

Department/College Administrator reviews and approves form and forwards to Appropriate Vice President

Step 6

Appropriate Vice President reviews and approves form and returns to Department/College Administrator

Step 7

Department/College Administrator forwards form to Manager

Step 8

Manager notifies Employee of interim appointment approval and forwards form to Dept Administrative Staff

Step 9

Dept Administrative Staff initiate Job Change ePAR in PeopleSoft to change Employee's job title and pay rate

Step 10

ePAR forwarded to appropriate levels for approval

Step 11

ePAR forwarded to HR Payroll for approval and execution

Unapproved forms are returned to Manager and unapproved ePARs are returned to the requesting department.