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Employee Separation – Voluntary Termination - Employee Process Guide

Step 1

Employee submits resignation letter at least 2 weeks prior to termination date

Step 2

Dept Administrative Staff initiate a PeopleSoft ePAR and attach employee's resignation letter, and Separation Clearance Process

Step 3

ePAR forwarded to appropriate levels for approval

Step 4

ePAR forwarded to HR Payroll for approval, and processing of termination and payment of leave accruals

Step 5

HR Benefits receives email notification and coordinates termination of benefits with Employee

Step 6

Manager approves task in Separation Clearance Process

Step 7

Employee receives email notification to complete Separation Clearance Process, including Separation Survey

Step 8

Employee returns all UHD property in their possession, pays any outstanding fees to the university, and completes Separation Survey

Step 9

Dept Administrative Staff receive communication that Employee has completed Separation Clearance Process

HR Talent Management is responsible for coordinating Retirement and Involuntary Separation Clearance Processes.