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Consulting and Paid Professional Services - Exempt Staff - Employee Process Guide

Step 1

Exempt Staff Employee completes Consulting and Paid Professional Service Application Form and submits to Supervisor

Step 2

Supervisor reviews and approves application form and forwards to Department Head

Step 3

Department Head reviews and approves application form and forwards to Appropriate Vice President

Step 4

Appropriate Vice President reviews and approves application form

Step 5

Appropriate Vice President notifies Supervisor of approval

Step 6

Appropriate Vice President forwards application form to Vice President, HR

Step 7

Supervisor notifies Employee application form has been approved

Step 8

Employee authorized to perform consulting or paid professional service

Step 9

Approved application form filed in employee's official personnel file

Step 10

Employee completes UHS External Consulting Form annually as part of mandatory training

Unapproved Application Forms will be returned to the Employee.