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College Release Program and Staff Reimbursement - Employee Process Guide

Step 1

Employee completes Sections A and C of College Release Program and Staff Education Reimbursement Request form and submits to Supervisor

Step 2

Supervisor reviews and approves Section B of form and returns to Employee (Section B - Supervisor approval only required for College Release Time)

Step 3

Employee forwards approved form and copy of registration and fee statement to HR Payroll

Step 4

HR Payroll reviews and approves form and notifies Employee of approval

Step 5

Employee completes class (Employee provides proof of final grade if class at another college of university)

Step 6

HR Payroll reviews Employee's final grade and completes and approves Section D and E of form and forwards to Student Accounting

Step 7

Student Accounting approves and processes reimbursement, and returns to HR Payroll

Step 8

HR Payroll processes reimbursement through payroll system

Step 9

Employee receives reimbursement in paycheck

Step 10

HR Payroll files form in employee's personnel file

Supervisor notifies Employee if request is not approved.

Employee who does not complete class with a grade C or higher is ineligible for reimbursement.