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Annual Reports and Inventories

Annual Financial Reports

DUE DATE: November 20th

Governor's Office (301)
State Auditor (308)
Legislative Budget Board (104)
Legislative Reference Library (105)
State Comptroller (304)

No later than November 20th the executive head of each state agency shall file with the Governor, the State Auditor, the Legislative Budget Board, Legislative Reference Library, and the Comptroller of Public Accounts an annual report as of August 31 of the preceding fiscal year showing the use of appropriated funds. An annual report shall be prepared by the agency to present the financial position and the results of its operations and changes in financial position for the fiscal year in conformity with reporting guidance provided by the Comptroller of Public Accounts. Government Code, Section 2101.011., and House Bill1, 75th Legislature, Regular Session, 1997(Fiscal Years 1998-1999), House Bill 1, 76th Legislature, Regular Session, 1999(Fiscal Years 2000-2001), and Senate Bill 1, 77th Legislature, Regular Session, 2001(Fiscal Years 2002-2003).