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UHD Mobile Application Guidelines

The guidelines shared on this page are for communicating through all UHD mobile applications including the university-wide app and any department or division specific apps.

It is the role of University Relations to ensure all mobile applications meet brand standards, provide a positive user experience as well as the adhere federal laws and follow best practices as it relates to communications.

Departments implementing mobile applications should do so following the procedures outlined in these guidelines and in collaboration with the offices of both Information Technology and University Relations The Office of University Relations may, in limited circumstances, push an emergency message to the users of any UHD mobile application.

User Permissions:

  • Identify a system administrator and communicating who the system administrator is to UHD Director of Web and Digital Marketing, or designee. 
  • Grant permissions for sending communications in the mobile application to the Director of Web and Digital Marketing or designee.
  • Identify a publisher, or publishers that can create content and manage.
  • Create and implement a training procedure for the publishers of content for the mobile application. 
  • Identify any approval processes needed for approval of sending messages. 

Managing Push Notifications

  • Messages should only be sent to users who have opted in.
  • Allow subscribers the option to opt-out of non-emergency messaging.
  • Users who have opted out of notifications on any UHD mobile app should not receive any notifications except emergency messaging sent by the Office of University Relations.
  • Comply with applicable federal laws and regulations to reduce institutional risk.
  • Messaging should not include:
  • Repeat reminders of messages already circulated
  • Personal matters (e.g. items for sale, farewell messages, etc.)
  • Advertising or other commercial purposes
  • Personal or confidential information, including, but not limited to social security numbers, passwords, financial information, or grades.
  • Brand alignment as required in UHD Graphic Standards
  • ADA Accessibility as required by UHD policy.