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Science Learning Center General Use Policies

Who may use the SLC?

The SLC was established in order to serve the science learning needs of a diverse group of learners:

  • UHD students enrolled in science courses
  • Pre-college students participating in UHD-sponsored science enrichment programs
  • K-12 teachers participating in UHD-sponsored professional development programs related to science

The SLC was established with funds provided by public and private agencies concerned with the improvement of science learning among members of all these groups of learners. Therefore no group has priority over another with respect to scheduling or services.

How do I gain access to the SLC?

UHD students wishing to use the SLC must provide a valid UHD ID card to the attendant upon entering. Students who cannot show proof of enrollment may request permission of the director who will verify enrollment. If the director is unavailable to verify eligibility at the time of entry, access to the SLC is denied.

Persons other than UHD students may use the SLC for UHD-sponsored science activities such as precollege or teacher in-service programs when accompanied by a faculty member in the Department of Natural Sciences.

Can I ever be bumped from an SLC computer?

The SLC facilities may be reserved by members of the UHD faculty in the Department of Natural Sciences or the Department of Urban Education for UHD science or science education courses, pre-college programs, or related teacher in-service workshops.

The SLC Annex (N603) will be used for these groups whenever possible. It is sometimes necessary to conduct the class or workshop in the main computer area. When this occurs, other students will not be allowed to use this area unless there is a computer available and the instructor accompanying the group has granted permission. In such situations, we will try to make the Annex available for individual or small group use. Reservation notices are posted so that other SLC users can plan around these reserved times. 

How can the SLC attendants help me?

The job description of the SLC attendants is to monitor use of the facility and provide assistance to the instructional media as needed. Attendants are expected to maintain security and a studious environment, monitor check-in and check-out of SLC users and software, assist SLC users with software, computers, and study specimens, monitor SLC users' computer screens (especially quizzes and Internet use), and assist UHD faculty with class visits and other software use. 

SLC attendants are not hired as tutors; however, some may offer their help to SLC users voluntarily. The director encourages this kind of helpfulness, however, SLC users should in no way expect these services, nor does the SLC take responsibility for the effectiveness of such assistance. Attendants are expected to deny tutoring assistance to an SLC user when the science content is unfamiliar to the attendant or the SLC user does not take an active, responsible role in learning. Junior and Senior UHD students who have been selected to mentor or tutor UHD science students may hold tutoring "office hours" in the SLC. 

Note: In addition to the above policies, all SLC users agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations for use of the SLC. This document, adapted from the rules and regulations of the UHD Academic Computing Lab, is available at the attendant's counter in N604. You can also view the schedule online.