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Science Learning Center Faculty Help Page

How to use the SLC Annex: A Faculty Cheat-Sheet

You are free to bring your class to the SLC Annex without a reservation, but reserving it ahead gives you priority in case of overlapping arrivals. Check the schedule by calling 8064 (SLC) or 8954 (Scott).

Things to know about the teacher’s console projection system:

  • Usually the computer is turned on inside the console.
  • You probably will never need to adjust VCR, DVD player, or document camera controls (nor sound volume controls) except through the touch panel.
  • You only need to open the cabinet to insert or eject a video, diskette, zip disk, CD or DVD, not to turn on equipment or to adjust volume.
  • You should log in under your usual university username and password. And remember you may need to change the domain name to uhd_wins. That will let you gain access to the network for items in your network drive or access to the hard drive.
  • Make sure when you leave you go to the shutdown menu and choose "Log on as a different user" so that your items will not be accessible to the next user.

How to project from the console to the Teamboard:

  • Touch the small touchscreen built into the console to activate it (not the Classnet box). Twice gets you the password panel.
  • Key in the password, then enter.
  • Touch video source to get the menu (VCR, computer, document camera, DVD player).
  • Control all volume changes (speakers, wireless microphone) at the touch panel, not on the components.
  • If changing a source to the projector gives you a scrambled image or does not send to projector, you can toggle with another video source and back again. That usually fixes the problem.

About the Teamboard:

  • Don’t leave the Teamboard (interactive whiteboard) enabled with the projection system off. If someone after you writes on the Teamboard when it’s enabled, they could inadvertedly drag the hard drive to the recycle bin!
  • You should expect the Teamboard to be disabled when you get to it. Enable the Teamboard by going to the red T icon on the bottom toolbar. Under "Enable" menu, choose "whiteboard" and choose enable again. The X will change to a check mark.
  • Reverse this by choosing "disable" when you’re ready to leave.

How to control what is projected to the student computers through Classnet:

  • To clear things, always start by touching "From". That will get cursor to blink in the position where you will register your source choice.
  • To send from teacher’s console computer to all student computers, on Classnet box touch "From Master to All."
  • To send from the document camera, VCR or DVD player, on Classnet box touch "From 30 to All."
  • To send from a student computer to the projector, touch "From (two-digit number visible on student computer from console) to Master."
  • To send from a student computer to all, touch "From (two-digit number) to All."

About the projector:

  • The bulbs cost $450. If you aren’t referring to the projected image for more than 5 minutes, "mute" the video to give the bulb extra life. To do this, go in the video source menu, choose Projector Control and then Video Mute On.
  • If you Exit the projection system (door icon on left of menu), the projector will shut down and not let you reenter for 3 minutes.

About the document camera:

  • The camera head can be pivoted or moved up or down or sideways to almost any position relative to the platform.
  • The camera autofocuses. You should not need to focus manually.
  • Try different lighting settings (none, top, beneath) to adjust projection quality.
  • W button is to zoom out ("Wide"), T is to zoom in ("Telephoto").
  • You can project more than books! Put a bug, a molecular model, a petri dish, a beaker, a rock or other specimens on there for all to see. You can also use it to show the class another student’s exemplary work on the spot.