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Deadline Schedule

Deadline Time Sheet for Pre-Health Professions Students

Application submission - On or by June 15th 

All of your application materials to the professional schools to which you are applying should be mailed by June 15th of the year prior to expected admission. For example, if you plan to attend a professional school in the fall of 2015, all of your application materials should be mailed by June 15, 2014. 


Take the MCAT or DAT the Spring before the summer that you apply to the medical or dental school. Although August MCATs and DATs are available, take the test in Spring. Professional schools will not even look at your application until these test results are in. There is no sense in applying in June if your MCAT/DAT scores will not be available until September. 

In-house letters of recommendation 

These letters are due by the end of the spring semester before the summer you plan to apply to the professional school. You are required to have at least three letters of recommendation from science faculty sent to Prof. Bowden so that the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) may write a composite letter of evaluation on your behalf. Letters from research advisors, volunteer supervisors and bosses are recommended. 

Health Professions Advisory Committee letter 

Alert the chair of HPAC to have this letter written at the end of the spring semester, just prior to the summer in which you apply. Supply Prof. Bowden with the addresses of schools for which HPAC letters of evaluation will be required (all medical and dental schools). When you do this, provide Prof. Bowden with a one to two-page autobiographical sketch. When you submit your application materials to the professional school, notify the chair of HPAC in writing, so that the committee letter can be mailed. 

A committee letter will not be mailed prior to the submission of your application materials.