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Structural Analysis/Design - Structures Laboratory

SAD Structure Lab

UHD has a standard concrete research lab (S290) which has a separate dust room next to the research space. It has a capacity of 15 students who can work on a computer, mix design, sampling, batching and curing at the same time. The modern hydraulic jack, freeze-thaw loading cabinet, and high capacity oven make this research lab well-furnished for any size material research. 

The S290 room is not only a concrete research lab but also is used for instruction and lecture for any lab testing, workshop, or research. A robust HVAC system and capable negative suction feature and four ceiling hanging suction vacuums to eliminate a micro dust safety hazard. The glass windows in the dust room enhance students’ visibility during their work and help the supervisor to observe and control any possible risk. 

This research lab also equipped with a sound system, projector and standard concrete work table in addition to all required gears and safety box needed for any material testing. The curing tank, carpentry tools, high capacity digital scale and sieve analysis vibrator are extra equipment which can streamline the research required facilities.

Workbench Desks
Structure Lab Photo 2
Metal contraption on a desk
Soil Lab 1
SAD Soil Lab Machinery
Soil Lab 2

Bench Oven with Dial-Temp. Control 

These general-purpose, analog-controlled temperature, bench ovens have been developed primarily for the industrial lab. This series provides a large bench or portable capacity. Although there are several different models and styles, all bench series ovens offer these standard features: fan-forced air circulation, aluminized interiors, Incoloy sheathed heating elements, 6-lb high-density mineral wool insulation, gasketed doors, adjustable 80-lb capacity shelves, high/low heat switch, rapid run-up and recovery times, 6-foot cord with plug, baked in scratch-resistant powder coated finish, and an 18-month factory warranty. All ovens are fully tested prior to shipment. 
These ovens are perfect for: preheating, thermal testing, self-batch processing, part drying, curing, baking, evaporating or dehydrating various media and soil aggregate, as well as many other applications. All units feature large workspaces and excellent portability.

Model selection includes two different sizes of 7 cu. ft., or 10.6 cu. ft., along with varying temperature ranges up to 550°F (287°C), and the affordability of analog temperature control.

Bench oven  (bench oven)

Rapid, Freeze-Thaw Cabinet

Rapid, Freeze-Thaw Cabinet
The Rapid Freeze-Thaw Cabinet is used to measure the resistance of concrete to deterioration caused by repeated cycles of freezing and thawing in water. The system is designed to test up to eighteen 3" x 4" x 16" (76 x 102 x 406cm) concrete specimens simultaneously, with one being a control. Key features of the system include:
  • Fully automatic operation frees the operator to perform other lab duties.
  • Allows users to establish field control using correlations between concrete strength and durability
  • Permits the evaluation of variables in concrete properties and conditioning.
  • Useful in the evaluation of the durability of aggregates, as well as the properties of admixtures.

Up to eight freeze-thaw cycles are possible within a 24-hour period. But the exact number of cycles is dependent upon the time required for the temperature at the center of the control prism to from 40 to 0°F (4.4 to -17.8°C) and then back to 40°F (4.4°C). The temperature at the center of the control specimen is cycled by means of a 3/4 HP (0.6KW) refrigeration unit and electric resistance heaters with fully automatic controls. An electric temperature recorder with 24-hour, 7-day week chart is incorporated into the unit to accurately maintain a record of the control specimen temperature throughout the testing period. For corrosion resistance and long service life, the system features a stainless steel, 84" x 34" x 11" (213 x 86 x 30cm) cabinet construction with 3" (76mm) insulation on all sides. The internal test compartment measures 6" x 26" x 74" (15 x 66 x 188cm). A 30-amp circuit is required for operation. Meets ASTM C666, procedure A; and AASHTO T161”.

The H-3185SD provides the following capabilities:

  • User-created test capabilities are possible, to change freeze time, temperature minimum, temperature maximum and the number of cycles to run.
  • Real-time, on-screen testing with graphing, allowing different data views to be chosen.
  • Test data can be reviewed after a test is completed, which includes tabulation and graph views.
  • Touch-screen interface for easy navigation.
  • Export test data to a PC using Humboldt IR Download. This includes report creation for internal or customer usage.
  • Connect to the Freeze-Thaw Cabinet remotely for control and/or observation.

©Humboldt Mfg Co. 2019

Humboldt Compression Machine, 300,000lbs (1,334kN)

  • Suitable for cylinders, cubes, beams, and cores of standard strength concrete mixes
  • 3000 to 300,000 lbf (13.3 to 1334kN) testing range with an accuracy of ±0.5% of indicated load
  • Suitable for concrete strength up to 9,000 psi for 6" diameter cylinders
  • Standard configuration includes platens to test 6" x 12" (150mm x 300mm) cylinders.
  • Three choices of digital control
  • Optional test platens and accessories available
SAD Compression Machine
Compression Machine 1
SAD Compression Machine
Compression Machine 2

Deluxe Slump Cone Test Set

Deluxe Slump Cone Test Set


The Humboldt, standard slump cone set provides students with the basic slump test components in an easy-carry configuration. The unique base design allows you to combine the individual components together into a one-piece, portable unit (see photo). The standard set includes our H-3636 cast aluminum base plate, H-3640 slump cone (standard steel), H-3651 tamping rod w/ 6" scale on the handle and H-4901 tape measure. The base includes bolt-on clamps, which hold the slump cone securely during filling and rodding. The integral handle, attached to the base, can be rotated above the specimen once the cone has been removed and used as a guide to measure the slump. There is also an acid-proof crete brush with 20" handle.

Volumetair Air Meter

Volumetair Air Meter

The volumetair is used for the rolling method of measuring entrained air in any concrete. This ultra lightweight and easy-to-use instrument are supplied complete with the meter, funnel, syringe, tamper, calibration cup, mallet, strike-off bar, and plastic carrying case. The plastic materials used in the construction of this unit not only make it lightweight; but also allow the user to use water for clean-up and small amounts of muriatic acid for periodic cleaning. The sight tube has a range of 0 to 9% and the base volume is 134 cu. in. (2200ml) ©Humboldt Mfg Co. 2019. 


Humboldt Concrete Air Meter

Humboldt Concrete Air Meter
The H-2783 air meter features the Humboldt, all-brass super pump, the most reliable and highest quality pump available. The meter's easy-to-use, stainless steel clamping system employs four, one-piece, self-locking clamps that quickly seal the lid to the base with proper tension aided by an o-ring to assure a watertight seal. A large, easy-to-read, 4-inch diameter, direct percentage gauge with calibration adjustments is accurate to the nearest 0.1%. The bucket features cast handles, which improve usability, especially when using a bucket as a 0.25 cu. ft. unit weight measure. The lid of the pressure meter features a smooth sloped top so water and concrete wipe right off. By eliminating the cavities in the lid that trap and hold concrete, maintenance and repair problems are greatly reduced. The meter also features a machined base, which ensures the meter sets level when conducting tests. The kit includes a durable plastic carrying case; a tamping rod; strike-off bar; rubber bulb syringe; plastic calibration vessel; inside calibration tube, outside calibration tube and operating instructions. ©Humboldt Mfg Co. 2019.

Conical Mold for Fine Aggregate

Conical Mold

Supports the following standards: ASTM C128; AASHTO T84

 Used for determination of bulk and apparent specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregate. Brass mold is 40mm ID at top, 90mm ID at bottom, 75mm high.

Steel tamper weighs 12 oz (340g) and has 1" dia. (25mm) flat circular tamping face.